At a distance of 18km from Volos panorama icon and built amphitheatrically at an altitude of 490-560m sits the village of Drakeia.

The olive press of Michou is at the lowest point of the village and has an altitude of 355m. Here the sun rises late in the morning and sets early in the evening leaving the village in sunlight for only a few hours. For this reason the village is very cool in the summer, and in the winter leaves it protected from the north by the mountain peaks of Pliasidiou.

It is also a passage from Agria panorama icon or the other way is from the ski center Agriolefkes at Hania, panorama icon an exceptional route with wonderful views of the Pagasitiko Gulf.

There are several opinions as to the origin of the name of the village. One of these claims the village took the name from one of the first settlers of the village, named Drakos. Another version is that a mythological creature (dragon) lived in the area. Indeed the first Community Council decided to have the stamp of the community with the body of a dragon, head of a snake and tail of a scorpion. Another opinion claims that it came from the work ‘drax’ which means a ‘handful’ of hands and came from the fact that the village is built in a deep place and gives the impression that it is built in a ‘handful’. The name Drakeia first appeared in documents in the 16th century.  Specifically it is written in documents found inciting the intentions of Megala Metora, estimating its addition somewhere between 1520 and 1640.

In Drakeia, as in other villages of Pelion, there are water mills that grind wheat. In the early 20th century the sheer abundance of water, as in Portaria, offered the Drakeiotis the possibility to see their houses and roads lit up using the power of the water.

The village is divided into two neigbourhoods with equal sized squares. In the one of Thisias with the large plane tree and cool spring we meet with the temple of Agios Nikolaos.

Also worth mentioning is the church of Agios Spiridon with the elaborate icon.

It is worth visiting the old mansions too like the Triantafyllou manion, with its wall murals dating back to the 18th century, carved wooden doors and ceilings, it now functions as a museum.

On the 23rd August the village square hosts a large folk festival. For the hikers there is the route Agios Laurentios-Drakei-Hania, the duration of which is through extremely impressive landscapes with many surprises on route making it quite a unique experience.

However, the village has faced some serious difficulties. Two were the largest disasters that this beautiful village of Pelion had ever encountered and both were relatively recent.

On the 17th December of 1943 the Germans executed 118 men, practically the entire total of the male population, in retaliation. Today there is a simple monument to remind us of this unjust sacrifice. Following this was the earthquake of 1955, razing entire neighbourhoods to the ground and destroying the majority of the beautiful mansions.

Drakeia today is perfect for those who which to have a relaxing stay in an area that combines peace with wonderful, natural scenery.


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