Hania is one of the most beautiful of the small mountain villages, and at the highest altitude in Peilon, 1200m. Leaving Volos we drive up upwards and bypass Portaria panorama icon and after many turns and twists in the road with stunning views across the Pagashtiko Gulf, Volos and the lush green mountains slopes we arrive at Hania.
The name Hania comes form the word ‘Hani’ which means Inn, or a place to receive and put up travellers overnight along with their animals.
Hania is located at a distance of 27km from the capital of Magnesia, 13km from Portaria and 32km from Zagora.
It is the crossroads joining the east and west sides of Pelion. In the past passing merchants from east Pelion travelling to Volos, and vice versa, would stop for food and shelter here. Nowadays the many traditional hotels, guesthouses and tavernas serve the many visitors who come for the ski season, or for a mountain break.
Visitors, other than those staying in the guesthouses, can make a stop to enjoy a meal in one of the many little tavernas in the area, famed for their ‘fasolda’ (a bean soup) and traditional ‘Spestofai’ (a dish made from local sausages and peppers).
Put simply, Hania is more of a little hamlet than a village. There are a few shops selling things of interest to the ski visitor, souvenirs and ‘spoon sweets’ (fruits preserved in a sweet jelly) and herbs.
Sometimes, by luck, you can run into the street traders that in season will be selling apple, Firikia (a small apple variety), cherry plums, chestnuts, walnuts, mountain tea, sage and other herbs from the rich forests of Pelion.
You can also find honey, oregano, olives, oil, tsitsirabla (a wild green), Halva (semolina dessert), ‘sweet spoon’ fruits, wine, tsipouro (the local distilled firewater) and many more local delights.
The area is abundant with plane trees, beeches, wild-whites and fir trees and at the top of Agriolefkes, 2km from Hania you will find the ski centre.
The slopes were developed at 1551m and accommodate beginners through to advanced. Each one has a name; Panorama, Thetis, Falconera, Iason, Centaurus, beginners, and the endurance circuit and they are serviced by two airlifts, two lifts and two sliding lifts (with small plate).
We have to walk around 400m to reach the lift that takes us up to a height of 1,471m and to the point with unbelievable views. From one side the whole Pagasitikos Gulf can be seen in all its beauty and on the other the Aegean Sea. On clear days you can make out the Thermaikos Gulf of Halkidiki.
The ski centre has a beautiful refuge, cafeteria, a great restaurant and there are three parking areas and a first aid centre.
During the winter season they successfully organise regular events on the Saturday night for skiers. It is generally known that if you are in the area there is no way you should miss it. Also you can enjoy trips around the forest, cycling the mountain trails, or you could choose the footpaths for a walking excursion. There are even archery and shooting for a really special experience. Many chose to stay at the ski centre for their stay.

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