Katichori is located at a distance of 9km from Volos, before Portaria. There are two versions on how it obtained it name (the second being very old and dating back to the Ottoman Empire. ‘Katichori’ is the village below. Actually in 1842 the Katehorians managed to transfer the ‘cottage’ (county court) to their village. That is how the village became the headquarters of the Turkish judge, ‘Kati’, from which he took he name.

‘Katichori’ also is the name of Kato Machalas of Portarias, which continues to be autonomous.

Although the first version of the name’s origin is more charming to the residents for the village, the most prevalent is the second since the ‘Katichori’ type is often encountered before the mid 19th century; in Demetrius in 1791, as well as in ‘Partial Georgraphy’ by Argyris Philippidis in 1815.

A very well known event is the Festival of Tsipourou of Katichori in early June where the accompaniment of traditional music and song becomes representative of the way Tsipourou (the local fire water from distilled grape skins) is produced, which the visitors then get to taste.

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