Ag Dimitris Mouresi


Agios Dimitris is a village on the east coast of Pelion, 40km east of Volos. Built on a sloping hillside at an altitude of 330m and facing northeast with views of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

The area was founded in 1927 after the Turks fled and took its name from the old Monastery at the site on which today stands the Metropolitan Church of the village.

This enchanting village is enchanting consists of many neighborhoods, such as Xinovrisi and Pitseika where you can taste the fresh water straight from the stone-spring that dates back to 1899 or stroll to the square surrounded by the plane trees.

Within these neighborhoods you can visit the old Salta Mansion, the first municipal Centre that then became the first nursery school and which now houses the Second Chance School for adults.

The village is famed for its stone cobbled streets; these natural paths lead mainly to beautiful country chapels and old stone fountains, the most well-known being The Kakouri fountain and the Stone fountain.

However Agios Dimitrios is best known for its historic chapels. Some of the most important are the Temple of Agios Giorgos (Saint George) dating back to 1809; the Transformation of the Saviour, dating back to 1939 which holds the 3 day festival starting on the 6th August; the Temple of the Panayias (Virgin Mary) dated at 1640, and the Temple of Agios Ioannis the Theologon (St John) from 1899.

Visitors to the area can, in a very short time, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Agios Ioannis, panorama icon Papa Nero panorama icon and Plaka panorama icon for their summer swims.

The village offers luxurious, comfortable, traditional and quiet accommodation for winter and summer breaks. You can also enjoy the traditional fare at the many local tavernas.

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