Kalamaki is found at 32km from Volos, the name being the new name of the village was inspired by the beautiful beach located just 2km from its centre. During the Turkish occupation it was known as ‘Propan’ or Propantos’; probably owing its name to the work ‘Propanton’ (mostly) as the village, out of all the northeastern villages of Pelion, is the one that faces ‘mostly’ out to the Aegean Sea and the incredible sunrise.

It is the village of the quarries and where they mine and produce the famous Pelion slate that is used locally and throughout the rest of Greece.

As a village it is worthwhile visiting, not only to see the traditional mansions with the flower covered courtyards and the church of Agios Athansios with its beautiful icon; but in the main, slate covered square of the village, under the shade of the century old plane tree, you can drink your coffee in the most unique café of the village, or enjoy the ‘tsipoura’ with the accompanying ‘mezedes’ (small tasters of a variety of foods) in the two tavernas whilst enjoying the view to the Aegean Sea.

The beach has a gush of water from the spring that rushes out between the rocks. It is a very special beach, not so famous, and therefore ideal for a quiet swim. In the past they used to use a piece of cane, or bamboo to drink the fresh water straight from the natural spring, or wash off the saltiness from the sea.

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