Kissos is one of highest mountain villages on the northeastern slopes of Pelion, at an altitude of 520m. The village is found 37km from Volos, 16km from Zagora, 12km from the ski center panorama icon and 2km from the main road that links Zagora panorama icon and Tsagarada. panorama icon It is one of the quietest villages of Mount Centaur, mainly due to its hidden location amongst the thick leafy forest of fir, plane, chestnut, beech, laurel, apples, cherry and walnut trees; many of which are engulfed in climbing ivy.

The name of the village is thought to come from the homonymous plants, or as suggested by the historian G. Kordatos, from the corrupted meaning of the word for gold (Ksos) that was discovered in a mineral mine in the area.In the stone paved square you will find the church of St Marinas dating back to the 17th c. It was built in 1650, is architecturally remarkable and has a richly decorated interior of frescoes by the folk artist Kostantine Pagoni of Chionadit that he finished in 1802. They are very educational, inspired by revelations of the Old and New Testaments, they touch on some very ‘bold’ themes and have an interesting style. 

The church is known for its masterpiece of the gold leafed icon carved from lime wood that according to local tradition; took 60 years to craft! The church is a three-aisled basilica and has internal wooden domes adorned also with some of the wonderful paintings of Giannis Pagnoni (1802). For instance in the area dedicated to females he painted a women wearing the traditional dress of the time.

Kissos is a village oasis for tired eyes and ears for the city dweller. In addition to the memorial of Agias Marinas, Kissos of Pelion offers unbelievable excursions for off road vehicles through the surrounding woods and unforgettable walking routes.Due to the geographical position and thanks to the many streams with running water, the vegetation thrives
and there is an abundance of plants and shrubs such as hydrangeas, camellias and gardenias. It is the reason that you will meet so many vendors at the crossroads of Kissos, on the main road Zagora - Tsagarada, selling every imaginable flower you can think of. Many of the inhabitants of Kissos migrated to Constantinople, Cyprus and mainly to Egypt and it was their donations that built the churches and schools here. It is said that Rigas Feraios, the Greek writer and revolutionary, taught here, and in the schoolyard there is a bust in memory of him.
If you visit the area during the summer you can enjoy a swim at the nearby beaches of Agios Ioannis, panorama icon Plaka, panorama icon Papa Nero panorama icon and Damouchari. panorama icon


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