Fakistra is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tsagkarda, located 5km outside the village and approximately 56km east of Volos. It is relatively isolated as it can only be reached by water, or by a dirt track of 2km from the end of the asphalt road. We park in a clearing above the beach and continue on foot down the footpath which is lined with benches, picnic tables and a kiosk with relaxing views of the Aegean Sea. The exceptional beauty of this beach is certainly compensation for the extra effort required in reaching it by foot as soon as you set eyes on it. Blue, green crystal clear water with a thick stretch of white sand and fine shingle with the verdant green scenery set between the imposing rocks.

If you find yourself here, visit the sea cave of the ‘Virgin of the Megalomata’, full of stalactites and a few meters above the Hidden School where a monk taught children during the days of the Ottoman occupation when the Greek language was illegal to speak and was kept alive in secret classes.


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