Kalamos, a seaside hamlet, 45km from Volo and 7km from Argalasti, surrounded by olive groves reaching down until the sea, has over the last few years evolved into a
lovely little summer resort.

After leaving Argalasti panorama icon taking the road towards south Pelion, at approximately 2 km you will see the sign on the right indicating Kalamos and Paou.
At approximately 700 meters further we reach the crossroads that, bearing left, will take us to the historic Monastery of St. Nicholau Paou. The stone built monastery
was built in the 15th century but then destroyed by the Turks in 1843. It was restored by the University of Thessaly in 1985 and has been bestowed on them until 2084,
with the intention of it being a working Cultural and Conference Center.
The monastery, surrounded by a wall, has amidst its large courtyard the temple of St Nikolaos, enclosed by stone built two storied buildings with arches. The temple
has a vaulted ceiling decorated with post Byzantine 18th Century frescoes, a white icon, more frescoes and a marble floor with a five- point star. The marble lintel
carries an inscription dating back to 1778 and the temple celebrates its Saints day on December 6th.

Returning back, we turn left towards Kalamos and wind down a narrow country lane, nicknamed ‘the snake’, for 4 km through olive groves until we reach the picturesque
village with the aquamarine beach.

Kalamos is considered to be the port of Argalasti and the fishing village crosses a small river lined with reeds (Kalamia) giving the most probable reason for the
villages’ name. Another version for the origin of the name comes from the corruption of the work ‘kanalos’ meaning canal and referring to the small canal that separate
the village and a third interpretation points to the many reeds that grow at the riverside.
Kalamos has many facilities for holidaying (hotels, rented rooms, traditional pensions etc), all of which can cater to every requirement for a pleasant and enjoyable
Though not known to many, the famous musician and founding member of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, has a house on the beach road.


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