Lafkos, 49km from Volos, is found an altitude of 330m. It enchants every visitor with its extraordinary location that appears to be a wonderful ‘natural balcony’ with unlimited views
across the Pagastiko Gulf, Milina, the island of Alata and old Trikeri.
It is a very traditional village with stone built houses, Pelion style mansions with slate roofs, courtyards filled with hydrangeas and an array of other colorful fragrant plants.
The stone paved streets and traditional springs gurgling with fresh, running water will enchant you and take you back to a period long ago.
The heart of Lafkos beats in the main square, with the ageless, shady plane trees that give out their unique cool protection. A wonderful sight to see is the impressive bell tower of the royal church of The Genesis of Theotokos (Virgin) (1888-1901).
In between the shops on the square you can find the old traditional cafeteria (kafeneo) of Forlida, panorama icon which has been constantly working since 1785. It was a combined cafeteria (kafeneion) and a barbers shop in the past. During that time the upper floor was working as a ‘hani’, a place that would accommodate travelers with board and refreshment. They had put up Papadiamantis (famous Greek poet), or the ‘kalogeropaidi’ (monastery child) as he was known when he came from his home on the island of Skiathos. After disembarking from Plantanias he stayed at the ‘hani’ on the first floor, and then from here he left on foot to Milina, when he took the boat for Volos. Also Varnalis, another Greek poet, was hosted here when he was a hedmaster in Argalasti, and in Dermouzo, where he was the director of the Volos School for girls.
Here you also find the unique ‘Museum of Radio – Antonis Tavanis’ which is certainly worth visiting. The antique radios on display here were in use between the years of 1920 –1960.
You can also visit the Fabio Museum, which once housed the old Primary School, and now exhibits the artist Thanasis Fabio’s work of painting and statues sculpted from white Pelion marble. It was founded in 2005 and the artist himself donated the works.

For walkers there are many footpaths to remain with you long after your holidays as they are unforgettable; also, there are many routes amongst the rich vegetation and running water,
like  the cobbled footpath that runs from Lafkos to Milina (port where they moor fishing boats, sailing boats, yachts and excursion boats), a trip of around one hour.
Milina panorama icon is very close to visit, whether for swimming, coffee, or tsipouro and ‘meze’ next to the sea. Going south you will pass many small coves with beaches; the most exceptional being Agios Andreas and Marathias, as well as the quietest beaches before you arrive at Tzasteni panorama icon Koufala and Stari.
Lafkos has many hotel, pensions, rented rooms and studios to chose from for your stay, and there are plenty of places to dine, restaurants, tavernas and cafés, all offering a large
variety of products with friendly service and quality food to justify your choice.


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