Megali (Greater) Paou is a small hamlet found on the road to Chorto panorama icon and is at a distance of 6km from Argalasti. panorama icon Worth a visit at just 4km outside of the village towards the side of the Pagastikos Gulf, the location of Paou, is the Byzantine Monastery of Agios Nikolaos (St Nicholas), built in the early 18th Century. 

The landscape is wonderful, amongst the cypress trees and olives and it is perfect for lovers of camping as they can set up camp at the site in there. The beach is shaded with plane trees and has fine shingle.

Whether the small or larger of the villagers of Paou, you can enjoy peaceful swimming in the clean, clear blue green waters with the fine shingle and sand even in the summer months as the beach is not so well known to the public and stays quiet. 

Both the beaches are draped in greenery and surrounded by nature. A little outside you can find Kalamos beach and Chorto. On the beaches of Argalasti you can still see sea turtles.

Mikri (Little) Paou
Mikri Paou is a small and picturesque seaside village with spectacular beaches with shingle and fine sand.

In between the settlements of Kalamos and Paou, you will find Belian beach. One of the most peaceful, shingle, sand beaches without the annoyance of the sound of passing cars as it is the only beach that does not have the main road running above it. The water is shallow and calm and it is a perfect spot for families with children.

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