The village of Metochi is found 40km from Volos and has an altitude of 198m. This particular village is very characteristic of the traditional architecture of Pelion and has remained one of the most untouched settlements through the passage of time.
It was built during the period of the Turkish occupation; probably by coligous, (the coligous were landless workers of Greek origin who, during the Turkish occupation, worked the land of the Turks retaining the right to reside on them); by the Monastery of the Virgin Mary (The Assumption of the Virgin), which is found a little outside the settlement and belongs to the large Monastery of St Nicholas of Paou. This is the most probable reason that the village was named ‘Metochi’ which translates as a glebe (a piece of land that belonged to the church or parish).

On the stone paved square, which looks like a scene from folk theatre, and under the cool shade offered by the huge plane trees, you can enjoy a coffee or tsipouro whilst admiring the wonderful views of the spectacular gulf of Milina panorama icon and the little island of Alatas.
A little below this point, and just above Horto, panorama icon they have discovered ruins of a previous settlement, which during the occupation time, was burned by the Turks. With this in mind, the first settlers of Metochi were very probably the residents of the one that was destroyed.

On the road to Xinovrisi you come across this, now, very peaceful corner named Kalithea that still keeps the colour of the once settlement with some of the old houses that survived the Turkish occupation.
Metochi is known for its olives and olive oil.


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