Mikro is another small beach with blue, turquoise and clear green waters, backed by rich, lush vegetation reaching down to the sea. Easily reached by a natural footpath along, you pass through a beautiful route arriving in about 10-15 minutes. Access to the beach is also possible by car or a small boat. Here you will find quiet and well maintained guesthouses to enjoy your stay in this peaceful seaside location. Other known beaches in the area east of Platanias are Bambakia, or Ftelia, Radakia (known for its firecrackers), Kastri, Leptous, Paliurakia, Vromoneri, Vlachorema, Theotokos. Lyri and Mourtias. West of Platania visitors can meet at the beaches of Kaloidis, Krifolimnionas and Hondris Ammou (literally meaning fat sand) 

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