Siki is located at a distance of 38km from Volos, on the road to Argalasti in the south east of Pelion. It is a very picturesque village with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the Sporades islands and the forests of Pelion. In the stone paved village square surrounded by plane trees and the characteristic Pelion architecture, you can see the church of Agios Giorgos (St George 1939-1940) with its interesting display of religious icons, frescoes and ancient images whilst enjoying your coffee in the cool shade.

It is worth visiting the Holy Monastery of Timios Stavros, another work by the craftsman Dimos Zipaniotis, built by funds from Captain Vasileos Stergios. The monastery was built in 1975 and inhabited by monks. After a shooting by the Turks it was uninhabited for many years until more recently when it was inhabited again by nuns from Meteora. They restored quite a lot of the building and refurbished the old building, where they offered hospitality to pilgrims.
The name most probably was taken, according to one version, from the huge fig tree located in the village square, or another version says the name ‘Ski’ comes from the Arvanitic word ‘skie’ meaning slave. The Turks burnt down the entire village in 1823, though, as with the majority of villagers in Pelion, a small village or not, it has a large history with a lot of hardship.
Close to Siki, you can find the nearby, though rather inaccessible beaches of Potoki and Pantazi, panorama icon or Megali Ammos.
Potoki beach is found at a distance of 3km from Siki. The characteristic features are the river that reaches the shore, the crystal clear waters, and the fine sand and shingle of the beach. Pantazi Ammos is found at a distance of 5km from Siki, though basically a shingle beach its special characteristic is the large rock in the water (Koukos Pantazi). Both of these beaches have no facilities so it is a good idea to take with you anything you need.


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