The village of Xinovrisi is built on the southeastern slopes of Mount Pelion at a distance of 47km from Volos and at an altitude of 250m. The ancient name of Xinovrisi was Bistinika, or Bestinika.

During the time of the Ottaman occupation, the name Mistinika was the ‘mahalas’ (settlement) of Argalasti, one of the oldest settlements of the area.

The Ottoman period ended with the liberation of Thessaly in 1881. In 1941 Bistinika changed its name to Xinovrisi (sour faucet) after the name of the village spring from which bubbled sharp, or sour water.

In the square of Xinovrisi there are a selection of cafeterias, small grocery stores selling a little of everything and tavernas, offering visitors excellent and affordable food with friendly service.

At the top end of the village square you will find the triple aisled Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in 1778 in the style of the Pelion architecture of the time. The church is recently renovated and is now up and running, though for several years the residents of the village had to use the small chapel of Agia Paraskevi for their worship.

Many of the visitors come to swim on the gorgeous beaches on the coast with spectacular views across the Aegean Sea to the island of Skiathos.

The beaches of most interest to them are the stunning ones of Xinobrisi is Mourtitsa, Potistika panorama icon Kouretes and Melani, panorama icon all found at, approximately, 5km from the village and reached by a good quality asphalt road.

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