dytiko pilioWestern Pelion

The beautiful and seductive mountain of Pelion with its exquisite environment and its mysterious atmosphere, the mountain of the twenty-four villages and the tens of settlements, the rich vegetation, has many sights and important history. Traditions, legends, seductive myths and historical battles took place in the area of ​​Pelion, legendary creatures, warriors and mythical heroes walked or lived in it. A place known for its natural beauties, but also for tradition in the arts and letters from the Ottoman era. Beautiful Pelion every season, ideal for winter and summer holidays, with a large number of businesses offering even the most demanding guest hospitality, good traditional food and all the modern comforts. With its stone houses rising through its lush vegetation, its magnificent mansions, churches, springs, stone bridges, delightful walks and various cultural and sporting activities during the summer months, a real gem, gives opportunities for relaxation and fun, generously giving its fruits and hospitality. Dozens of small and large lacy beaches, golden sandy beaches and natural coves make up the marine nature of Pelion, which tourists especially prefer for their summer excursions. Other beaches are more crowded and cosmopolitan, with bigger tourist development and organization and plenty of options while others are deserted and are suitable for more carefree and relaxing baths. Pelion does not impress the visitor only with the beauty of its picturesque settlements, its endless vegetation and its special architecture, but also its rich history in the fields of art and letters. In the mountain of Centaurs were founded some of the most important schools and libraries with a reputation all over Greece and abroad, some of the most important artists and folk artists, many important people were born and benefited.

Today Pelion maintains its traditional character, trying to harmonize with the new trends of the times. It is one of the most popular travel destinations of Greek and foreign visitors, while many of its villages are well acquainted with tourist development. Its inhabitants, proud of their history and culture, welcome visitors and undertake to guide them to their fertile land.

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