Afetes, or Niaou, is a beautiful mountain village built amphitheatrically amongst a vast olive grove with exquisite views of the Pagastikos Gulf, at an altitude of about 300m from the sea and a distance of 27km from Volos. The main road bypasses the village, but it is worth taking the time to make a small diversion and visit the village itself.
The original name, which they locals still use today, is Niaou. The main feature of the village is the three green ravines that are joined by three stone arched bridges, which if crossed, lead you to the seaside village of Afissos.

For sightseeing there is the Temple of the Baptist of Prodomos, a work by the popular architect Dimos Zipaniotis. Also take some time to see the admirable wood-carved icons and frescoes painted by the local hagiographer Konstantinos Niaoti that are located in the church of the St John the Baptist, also built by the craftsman from Epiros, Dimos Zipaniotis, in 1802.
Amongst the picturesque houses in the centre of the village there is a great chimney from the olive press, as it was once steam operated. It is worth visiting now particularly to buy their exquisite oil. You can then cool off in one of the two tavernas in the village square under the shade of the great plane tree.

Access to the village is easy, even during the winter months when the slopes are snow covered, as there is no chance of being cut off by snow with its location so close to Volos and the sea.
For walkers there are many beautiful routes along the footpaths of the village, a chance to admire the beautiful vegetation and traditional houses with the courtyards filled with hydrangeas, camellia and gardenias during the spring and summer months. Also worth visiting are the 5 pretty chapels on the outskirts of the village.

There are various cultural events that take place here, such as the traditional Pelion wedding, the local carnival, Mandes and Lazarines (the local dances and music) etc.
Close to the village parking is the start of the footpath that descends down to the pretty beach of Ambovos with the multi coloured pebbles, also found in Afissos. panorama icon
Access to the village of Kala Nera panorama icon is also very easy from here.


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