Afissos is a pretty village with plenty of Archontika (old aristocratic) buildings set amphitheatrically on the water’s edge giving an island feel to it.  It is a very well known seaside holiday resort 26 km from the town of Volos.

Visit the square with the centuries old plane trees providing cool shade to those enjoying their coffee or lunch.

Tradition says that the spring that flows from the square was the same one that Jason and the Argonauts used for their supplies on their journey towards Kolhida. It is likely that Afissos took its name from the ancient verb ‘to leave’ (afinmi), as the Argonauts left with great sorrow to continue their journey.

The scared church of the village is dedicated to Agia Marina, whilst right next to the church and under the bell tower there is a small chapel dedicated to the memory of Agia Paraskevi whose feast day is celebrated on 26th July. Agia Marina’s is celebrated on 17th July.

The coastal road is full of small hotels, rented rooms, tavernas, ouzeries, restaurants, cafeterias and bars though Afissos retains its traditional color.

You can enjoy swimming at the beaches of Kallifteri, Lagoudi and Ambovos.

Kallifteri beach is located at the start of the village and is an organized beach with a canteen and water-sports. It has turquoise water and fine sand fringed with greenery on long the shore.
Lagoudi Beach panorama icon is situated next to the port of Afissos with a beautiful sandy and shingle beach with clear waters, also lined with vegetation until the sea.

South of Afissos is the sandy beach of Ambovos with excellent facilities for tourists.

The quieter beaches are Agia Efthimia and Razi beach and the long sandy beach of Koropi (or Boufa) has golden sand and crystal clear waters and is located o the road to Kala Nera. panorama icon


Suggestions for Afissos.

Marabu - Afissos

Marabu - Afissos

Hotel Katia - Afissos

Hotel Katia - Afissos


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