At a distance of 21km from Volos you will meet one of the most beautiful villages in the western mountains of Pelion, Agios Georgios Nileas. This particular village is located in between Agios Vlasios and the Pinakates. To get to Agios Georgios Nileas from Volos we head towards Agria, panorama icon passing Kato Lechonia and Ano Lechonia panorama icon and turn left towards Agios Vlasios (5km) and once we have passed it, we continue to Agios Georgios (10km) and Pinakates. panorama icon In the prefecture of Magnisia there are two villages with the name Agios Georgios, hence this particular village taking the additional name of ‘Nileas.

The village sits amphitheatrically at an altitude of 700m tucked in between two ridges with unbelievable views of the Pagastiko golf.

In the village there are many springs with rushing water and cobbled streets with rich vegetation. There are also olive, apples and other fruit trees as well as chestnuts and cherry trees.

The huge century old plane tree dominates the pretty village square with its marble fountain and lion’s head with running water out of it and the village is framed by two streams and has running springs.

Opposite the square is the working Museum of the Arts ‘Dimitrion House’ founded by the sculptor Nikos Pavlopoulos who carved his own bronze stature and decorated the pretty yard of the square with it.

There is a plaque with the inscription ‘Started humble, worked hard, won and Art was redeemed’.

Heading up to the square you will pass in front of the temple of Agios Georgios from where the village took its name, and you can visit the little ecclesiastical museum located underneath in the basement of the church.

Walking a little further along the cobbled streets, you will find the old ‘aloni’ (the place where the wheat would be ground by donkeys pulling the press around and around), the open air theatre ‘Aloni; with the stone seating that surrounds the center stage, During the summer months you can see stage performances and musical concerts, with stunning views of the Pagastikos Gulf, and if you are lucky, the full moon!

Continuing you can admire the Holy Monastery of Pammegiston Taxiarcon with the wonderfully carved wood icon dating back to 1309. The area surrounding the Monastery is drenched in green and lush with vegetation.

Today it acts as a female monastery (convent) and is the largest one on Pelion. Also, you will find the monasteries of The Great Saviour and Agias Triados (the Holy Trinity). The churches worth seeing are the assumption of the Virgin Mary (the oldest ecclesiastical memorial in the village - 1744) and the Agios Athansios (1795) with the largest stone sculpture in the village.

Amongst the cobbled streets you will see some older mansions and several of the more traditional, well preserved ones too. The mansions created by Dereli and Ioannidis (1888) can be distinguished by the impressive outer decoration of the walls, also, the ceilings of Tzortzi, where you can admire the painted ceilings and their walls as well. In the village you will find traditional and tastefully restored guesthouses, alongside picturesque tavernas with an excellent quality of food and friendly service.

On the 20th July they celebrate the festival of Ai-Lia and on the first Sunday after the 16th August celebrates the martyr Stamatios, who came originally from the village.

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