Agios Laurentios is one of the most beautiful, well preserved villages on the western side of Pelion with wonderful views of the entire Pagastiko Gulf. There are traditional stone and cobbled footpaths, fountains and running water everywhere, at an altitude of 600m and a distance of 19km east of Volos. panorama icon On leaving Volos we head towards the beach of Agria and then onto Kato (lower) Lechonia where you turn left at the crossroads for Agios Laurentios, in between the villages of Drakeia panorama icon and Agios Georgios Nileias. panorama icon

It is made up by four settlements; Agios Laurentios, Agios Apostolos the young, Broxia and the Servanates. The stone paved streets with no cars allowed make it an ideal place for walking or riding. The most well known footpath leads to Drakeia and Hania. Further up the mountains you can find the cave which claim to be the home of Chiron.

The river Bruchonas runs by the village, which is lush and green, cloaked in a forest of beech trees, chestnuts and plane trees. Below the village and the route leading there, the surrounding land is ripe with olives, cherry trees, apple pears and more. Also the square, like the majority of those in Pelion, with the centuries old plane tree, hosts an interesting array of events, particularly during the summer, which we heartily recommend.

More significantly in recent years, Agios Laurentios has been renamed the ‘Music Village’ as every August they organize musical events that continue through until the beginning of September and include many seminars such as; music, puppet shows, theatre, dolls theatre, speeches and concerts, held in the square, the schools and the open areas of the village. It is now very well known, not just throughout Greece, but worldwide as a meeting point for performing artists.

 The village of Agios laurentios took its name from the Monastery of the Saint in the area built by Roman Catholic Benedictine monks (the Amalfians) who originated from the Italian town of Amalfi. The monastery was later abandoned and was rebuilt as an Orthodox monastery by the Archbishop of Laurentios Trapezountios. Also you can visit the country chapels of Panagias of Suravlos (dedicated to the saint Zoodocho Pigi) located within the thick chestnut forest, Agios Dimitrios with the wooden carved icon dating from 1730 and Agios Athanasios.

On he feast day of Agios Laurentios on the 1st of June and the feast of the Prophet Ilias on 20 July, various events are organized. On the last weekend of June they organize a celebration in the square for the feast of the ‘Cherries’ and on the 16th August there is a festival for the pilgrimage of the New Martyr Agios Apostolios, the local saint who was martyred in Constantinople.

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