Koropi is a seaside village at a distance of 22km east of Volos, next to Kala Nera. It extends through a plain of abundant olives and fruit trees down to the sea.
The name Koropi can be identified as coming the ancient city of Koropi (8th Century BC), in which area the famous oracle of Koropiaiou Apollona was located, which continued right into Roman times.     
From the excavations that took place in the early 20th century, a plaque was discovered that describes the organizational structure of the oracle.
At the peak of the hill, to the right of the Boufas stream, you can find the last few ruins that have survived from the ancient city.
A further attraction is the coastal tower of Chrysochoedis built in 1780 and located close to Kadi beach.
Koropi is known in the wider region for ‘dakrakia’ (little tears), small scarlet flowers that grow in village gardens as well as wild in the nearby olive groves at the beginning of the spring; they are also shared amongst the churches on the Sunday of the Cross (roads). They are likened to the tears of the Virgin Mary during the Passion of Christ. The flowers have a very overpowering scent and because they come into bloom mid April towards the end of May the people have linked them with the religious celebration of Lent.
In the center of the village, there is the church of Agios Ioannis tou Theologou (St John the Baptist), which celebrates every year on the 8th May and the 26th September.
Over the last years the area has experienced important growth in tourism and also Koropi maintains the stables of the Mileon Horse Club; ‘The Friends of the Horse’
The popular sandy beaches backed with lush greenery of Koropi and Boufa will win you over as they are large, well organized and have golden sands and crystal clear water. Koropi is a lovely setting, ideal for young and old visitors, located between Kala Nera panorama icon and Afissos, panorama icon it is never busy or does it have the crowds of Kala Nera.


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