Lefokastro is the port of Argalasti and is a peaceful, pretty seaside village 34 km from Volos and just 3km south of Afissos. panorama icon
It is built above a small but very beautiful little beach, which is overflowing with greenery, with vegetation practically ‘touching’ the sea. You can visit the arched bridge of 1891 and the fountain of 1777 with two inscriptions; one in Turkish with name of the benefactor Axmet Aga (pasha) and the other in Greek, carved onto a two-headed eagle.
They say the name of Lefokastro came from the extinct, medieval castle that existed in the area. Another version claims that the first person to name the village took the name ‘Lefo’ after
one of the first settlers there (Lefas or Lefes). At Lefokastro there been many finds from the medieval and ancient periods.
The village has beautiful rooms to rent and little tavernas. The most well know beach is Razi beach, but there are many smaller coves with quiet beaches to enjoy swimming even in the peak tourist season.
On the 27th July they have the festival and name day of Agios Pantelemnonas.

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