Pinakates is found 25km from Volos panorama icon and at an altitude of 560m. Located next to Vizitsa, it is of equal beauty and a particularly scenic village, with many houses built as towers and old mansions, many of them exquisitely restored.
The village is protected as a preservation village along with Makrinitsa panorama icon and Vizitsa panorama icon for their characteristic Pelion architecture.

Pinakates is one of the most beautiful of the preserved villages, even though it is not so well known to those who visit Pelion. It continues to be picturesque and authentic, and perfect for a relaxing meal or coffee during your stay.
Worth seeing in the village is the church of Agios Dimitrios in the square and the famed neoclassical fountain or spring, with the lions heads, built in 1894 by donations of local immigrants to Egypt, the Tsirogianni brothers. Even today the fresh water runs and cools the visitors of the village.

You can also enjoy a meal at one of the squares’ traditional tavernas, under the shade of the ancient plane trees. The village is made up of stone paved streets, which are great to explore and is one of the most atmospheric villages of Pelion, leaving you with the feeling that you are in another era.

On leaving Pinakates, the nearest beaches are Afissos, panorama icon Koropi and Kala Nera. panorama icon

It is highly probably that the village took the name from a local resident who called out “pinakia’, meaning they constructed wooden or clay plates, which in the Pelion dialect were called ‘pinakia’. The occupation of the residents is mainly agricultural working with the olives, vines, chestnuts and the apple orchards that reach out southwest towards the sea. 

On the 20th August is celebration of the Agios Dimtrios with a festival. The church of Agios Athanasios is celebrated on the 2nd May.

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